RO-DBT is a new treatment for chronic depression and other challenges


What is RO-DBT?

RO-DBT stands for Radically Open-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  RO-DBT is a new treatment for individuals whose lives have become negatively impacted by ‘too much of a good thing’ -- excessive self control.  Excessive or over-control of emotions or behavior can lead to undesired consequences, including social isolation and loneliness, aloof and distant relationships, risk aversion, and hyper-perfectionism.

RO-DBT is an evidence-based treatment developed by Dr. Tom Lynch, PhD and is informed by over 20 years of clinical and experimental research.  RO-DBT has proven to be successful in helping individuals with a wide range of challenges that have emotional overcontrol at their core, including persistent depression, treatment-resistant anxiety, eating disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.

RO-DBT focuses on growth within three core components: openness, flexibility, and social connectedness.  The goal of RO-DBT is to help individuals develop new ways of thinking and behaving that promote openness to social and environmental feedback, feelings of social safety, and ultimately the ability to form genuine connections with others.  This is done through a series of skills training classes and individual therapy sessions that focus on self-enquiry, empathy, and warm acceptance of emotions, thoughts and behavior.

Is RO-DBT right for me?

Before enrolling in an RO-DBT class or individual therapy, individuals will meet with a RelationQuest counselor to complete an assessment and determine if RO-DBT is the right fit.  Regardless of whether overcontrol is a client’s primary coping style, RelationQuest Counseling offers a wide range of therapeutic services to fit the needs of each individual, couple, and family. In order to help you assess your own coping style, you may wish to complete the Styles of Coping Assessment Tool before speaking with a RelationQuest counselor. You can find this assessment under New Client Forms

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What does it cost?

RelationQuest Counseling RO-DBT classes are $55 per class.  Classes are about 2 hours in length and meet weekly.  We offer an open-enrollment format, so that individuals may begin classes at any point in the 30-class series and complete the entire series as it cycles.  A limited number of sliding-scale seats are available.  At this time we do not file insurance but are happy to provide clients with an out-of-network receipt they can submit for reimbursement to their insurance provider.

What if I already have a therapist?

RO-DBT classes can be a supplement to individual therapy even if you have a therapist outside of RelationQuest Counseling. Further, individuals are not required to be enrolled in another form of therapy to participate in RO-DBT classes.